My work experience

Ce billet concerne l’oral d’anglais que je passe mercredi prochain. L’entretien avec le jury porte sur un document audio, vidéo ou texte, il faut parler de son expérience professionnel ou du stage de 2ème année…J’ai donc écrit quelque chose sur mon stage. vos critiques sont les bienvenues (avant mercredi si possible!! 🙂 ).

I will speak to you about my training in a company.
First of all, I had done my work experience in a company named Accord-France. It’s a small company of computer science, in charge of sell hardware and install networks. This society is located in GAP in Hautes-Alpes and it offers its services above all enterprises and administrations of two departments (hautes-Alpes and Alpes de Haute Provence). I was able to find this work placement several months before the deadline. As I had sent my application to Accord-France who needed someone.
My job as a trainee constited in finding solutions to solve a problem of network managment and find a tool allowing security on customer’s network. I was alone to work on the project but my training master, Mario Montanino, helped me and taught me a few things. This training also enabled me to better control network managment with the Microsoft Operating system Windows 2003 Server and security of information system (Firewall, Antivirus…).

I can draw up a positive assessment of my training in the company. I acquired new techniques, I developed human relationships with employees so, It was an enriching experience and I think within our curriculum It’s important to have several internships, all the more so as we need to fit into the professionnal world.